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response to reading: Radio: An Illustrated Guide

I’m not a fan of comics.  Looking past that fact, using a graphic novel to introduce the art of radio is definitely an interesting idea.  Even so, I was not fond of this medium/presentation.  All of the little anecdotes were mildly interesting, but not interesting enough.

It seemed as though the sections like “Interviewing Live” and “Taping an Interview” were pretty informative, and all this book needed to get its instructional message across. I liked what they mentioned in the “Interviewing Live” section, when they talked about how it was the interviewer’s job to react politely and carry the interview to a certain place. “Taping an Interview” offered helpful tips about microphone placement (4? below the interviewee’s mouth, just below the chin.), and also offered up some helpful tips on equipment and location. By the time I got to the “Make Radio at Home: With Technology!” section, the age of this book really began to show.  Here, a big thing they talk about is digitizing tape (I don’t think that’s a problem for most people).

Overall, while the comic itself wasn’t that great, I feel like they did offer up some good tips, and provided some useful information to take into consideration for those thinking about producing for the radio (or some other amateur audio medium).

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