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Glass on Storytelling and The Recession Up Close

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I didn’t like at first when he went off on the idea of a worthless story. But then after telling his example and describing how it lead to building blocks, I started to agree. The example of the “quiet”, and the listeners asking the “why” was what caught my attention ironically. That seems to be how most modern television shows and movies are about. I couldn’t tell if he was trying to give an example of how to make any story good but think he was because of all the talk about perfect antidotes, but maybe that is what the building blocks are building up to…no pun intended.

Ira made a great point overall though. He seemed to be talking about the good human, or what we deem to be the most modern idea of good. People who are outgoing yet interested in others for the sake of “drama”. Drama as human emotion, even human interaction. This social movement and interest in others has adapted within many of us according to Ira. My favorite point was the storytelling example, and how we often tell stories about others with ourselves in them as side characters. A strange reflection and kind of super position we are able to contemplate.

Ira is trying to bring forward for everyone to see the horrible storm on the horizon. It started with the housing market collapse, something I actually witnessed first hand with my mom being a real-estate agent. The hole market was so hot, a sellers dream. Then it all collapsed as banks started having toxic assets on their hands. Houses started to foreclose, and it was far worse for owners than it was for the real-estates obviously.

The movie highlighted the FDIC “seizures”, and the fear and shock experienced. Banks were hit so hard, and people involved were terrified. Banks started themselves to collapse, and today it is scary to think of what may happen next. I hope and think my nations collapse is in the near future. Over frivolous money, used to barter, has taken us over. Only oil can man be overtaken with greed and abandon his logic and reason. Diminishing and un-renewable resources are being burned through, food being wasted, carbon dioxide levels rising, pollution and poverty spread.

Even technology and capitalism (Take that antidote Ira) can not stop the drift of debt. Circuit City, a large ELECTRONIC AND ENTERTAINMENT store hit the curb. I can’t imagine the idea of having to sell everything I own on a blitz krieg pace. Its just such a scary idea, of just having normalcy and then… nothing. And the word liquidate just makes the situation sound even worse.

I have studied a lot of accounting while here at UMW, and hearing the financial trouble of these companies is troubling. Worse off, leading by example, our national government has taken on an egregious amount of its own debt. Owing more than it can pay, corporate and governance both in over their head. I hope we find a way to get back to where we were, and even beyond with new technology and foundations to build upon. We Americans always find a way though, and if we work as one global world of people I think the result will be a lot better.

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