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Of Course I Love My Own Work

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Now that I gave love to everyone else, I get to showcase what I have loved about my own work.  Here are my favorite four photos from Daily Shoots (click to make larger):

For some reason, I like the converse photo.  My fiance was packing his suitcase at the time and I took some pictures of his shoes.  The shoes have a great leather texture and he basically wears them all the time so they are quite worn in.  I like the ring picture because of the shadows.  I set it up by placing my engagement ring in a spanish dictionary and then having Stephanie hold a flash light up above.  That is what created the two hearts.  Then, I threw in the flower to make it a little bit different.  I love the photo, but my friend pointed out that I had accidentally turned to the page for third world country definitions.  Then, my last day of daily shoot, I took the picture of the sunset.  It is now my desktop background my computer because I just love the colors.  The blues and pinks are beautiful and just so natural looking.  I was driving in D.C. and pulled over to take this picture.  For some reason, the Daily Shoot site never pulled it into the page, but I still love it and it was a good way to end that part of the class.

As for my other work, I liked coloring on the newspaper.  I actually always used to color funny faces and costumes on the comics and photos in the newspaper when I was a kid.  It was nice to get back into that, and that probably could have been an interesting assignment for others to do if I had thought of it earlier.

I did a few other assignments for visual/design, such as the fortune cookie one and the big caption.  The big caption was great because it allowed me to add humor to situations that are typically very serious.  I don’t usually add humor to the news and I often take news very serious.  This was a welcomed relief and I realized that I actually am capable of being creative like that.  The fortune cookie assignment went well and I put a fortune in Forrest Gump’s hand.  I liked it, but I wish I had figured out how to get rid of the feather.  A very nice person commented though and explained how to in the future.

So that is my recap of my favorites.  It is nice to see that other people have mentioned some of my work as a favorite of theirs.  I have already started to find favorites in the audio part of the class and I cannot wait to see what everyone/myself can come up with for that.

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