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Sorry for the DS106 Neglect. Here’s Some Love.

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I will admit that I’ve been kind of the worst at keeping up with ds106 this week. So, I’m either punishing or rewarding myself by not going to my classes today (one because I woke up too late, the rest because I hate them) to catch up on a class that I genuinely enjoy, but frequently forget about.

I didn’t really have anything to bitch about on Tuesday, so I didn’t. I feel like, for the most part, this class isn’t too much work and it’s not too hard; it just requires the ability to remain on top of things, which isn’t always something I do well. I’m more of a last-minute-performs-well-under-pressure person, so it’s confusing to be in a class where there isn’t really  a last-minute-performing-well-under-pressure opportunity.

Moving on…

We were asked to give props to each other’s visual and design assignments. There were a ton that I loved and I’m glad we’re required to actually blog about it because I didn’t get to comment on all of the ones I meant to comment on.

Colleen has be consistently killing it so far this semester. First she came up with the brilliant playlist poetry visual assignment, then she had me actually laughing out loud at her “Big Captions.” Oh and I really liked her 4 icon challenge for “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World,” which a pretty underrated movie that most people hated, so probably I just don’t know much about having good taste in movies.

There were also some great unconventional Valentine’s cards this weeks. Sarah’s superhero non-valentine valentines definitely deserve a shout out and I loved the nerd valentines by Megan.

Megan also did this really cool thing where she used Photoshop to create a Star Wars Facebook news feed. Not only is this just an impressive amount of work, it’s also hilarious.

There were also a ton of great design projects that made me really jealous of everyone’s superior skills at computer-y things. Andrew’s ds106 radio design looks like something he should have gotten paid to do and the animated Pokemon cards Erin made seem like they were a pain in the ass to make, but look so cool.

For the Daily Shoot, Jess consistently posted beautiful pictures and I’m not even just saying that because my arm was in one of them.

Overall it seems like everyone’s been creating some awesome stuff and we’re only halfway through the semester. For this post, I limited my love to the in-person section of ds106. If I hadn’t, this post would go on for days.

Oh, and, because I almost forgot and because, obviously, I should save the best for last, David’s brilliant idea at the beginning of the Daily Shoot and our subsequent confirmation that 1. originality is overrated and 2. we’re both creative geniuses (that is what we learned that week, right?) were my favorite things to happen so far this semester.

Anyway, everyone in ds106 is great. I promise I’ll be better about commenting in the second half of the semester. Good day.

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