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The Best of DS106

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There has been a lot of great work coming out of DS106. From visual assignments like the minimalist movie poster, animated GIF, and playlist poetry to the Daily Shoot to the insanity that is ds106radio, it’s been a wild ride so far. Let me take this opportunity to highlight some of the work I particularly enjoyed.

Laughing Llama’s DaVinci’s Power Outlet is just outstanding. Not only did he nail the look with the sketchy lines and old parchment look, but the idea of a rodent powering the outlet is fun and creative.

Cali4beach’s Superheros V-Day Cards… What can I say? The captions work so well with the drawings, and the cards are clever, cheeky, and hilarious.

Colleen started something big with her Playlist Poetry assignment. And her poem is quite good. The imagery behind Calling All Lovers / Wake Up / Welcome To The World / I Am The Walrus / Infiltrating My Way Through The System just grabs me, it really does.

I enjoyed Nora’s take on the Playlist Poetry assignment. There’s just something great about the line Cecilia / The Underdog / She’s Not There, you can imagine a story behind that.

Tim’s minimalist movie poster is all kinds of great, it captures the themes behind the movie so well.

Jeff’s minimalist movie poster… Jaws is a classic film, and the hinting of the shark and blue fade work really well.

Maybe I shouldn’t highlight the professor’s work, but the poster worked for me. It is an unsettling image, I feel like the birds are about to swoop down on me at any moment.

Daily Shoot

The caption for Eric’s take on the shoot something newsworthy prompt makes the image on this one: Everything’s Gonna Be All Right

Tom’s stranger project is amazing – not only are the photos great, but you gotta respect a guy who follows through on the idea of photographing complete strangers.

The feel of AJ’s image, with the cold blue tone and camera peering out – it’s 1984 all over again. Look upward today, you might be started by what you find.

I’m a sucker for tilt-shift photos, and Tim’s is awesome. He shot something newsworthy.

Erin’s interpretation for the “photo from a different perspective” prompt is so creative, and she pulls it off.

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