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The Judges 5:27 Fine Music Radio Hour, Live!

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Hey, it’s time for a shameless plug!

Tonight I’ll be premiering myself on ds106 radio with a nice little program I’m calling The Judges 5:27 Fine Music Radio Hour, Live! After much haranguing and coddling and loving, much-needed assistance from Jim, I think I’ve got the routine down and I’m ready to make a go of it.

My last foray into broadcasting saw me on the 5 am slot at the University of Mary Washington’s radio station, WMWC. This was when it was still in the dizzying heights of the Lee Hall tower and we played mostly live-mixed No Sunlite for the Media chatter and They Might Be Giants singles. One of these two things will see the light of radio again tonight – tune in to find out which!

The show’s set to run from 8:15 – 9:15 pm EST (6:15-7:15 Mountain time, which means I’ll have to miss the first quarter of tonight’s American Idol auditions – the things I do for experimentation!). If you aren’t taking this class & don’t know how to listen in, follow this link to download the streaming radio station & open it up in iTunes or whatever other music player you use.

Hey, want a preview of some things you might hear tonight? Sure you do! How about some Negativland! Some Randy Newman! Some J Dilla! Still not convinced? How about I pay tribute to the newly-defunct White Stripes, and then throw some sound collages at you while you sit unawares…

but I’ve said too much already. Tune in, rock out, have fun.

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