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Personal Highlights

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Yesterday I highlighted some great work by others in the class; today I’ll share work of mine that I’m particularly happy with. While I don’t consider myself to have particularly developed artistic skills, something I’ve enjoyed about this course is not only seeing some of my work turn out better than expected, but finding that there are people who actually like some of it. It goes back to the dual ideas of the network effect and participation – everyone’s work existing in a community, one large enough that each person is bound to find others whose work resonates with them.

A case in point is the four icon challenge I did. Compared to laughing llama I have terrible drawing skills, but in spite of that something about my take on The Goonies seemed to resonate with some people. It is satisfying to find out you can provoke a positive reaction in someone else, even if you’re not the next Monet.

Next, creating the ds106radio twitterbot was a lot of fun. Incidentally, we now have over 6000 “song events” recorded, and I would encourage anyone who’s interesting in using this data to either check out the API or ask me for a copy of it.

Finally, here are my three favorite photos from the daily shoot. The first is a macro shot, created by placing a color photo underneath a pyrex pan filled with water and oil droplets. The effect is pretty cool.

Circles 2

The second is of a pocket knife my grandfather gave me – I like the dark, rich look of the photo.


The third is of my favorite fruit, the tomato. The color and composition on this one are what draws me to it.


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