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What I Like About You/What I Like About Me

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I’m going to say right off the bat I’m in desperate need of a nap. This whole going to sleep at midnight waking up at 8am just isn’t working for me. Anyway, if this entry comes across slightly incoherent blame it on the sleep deprivation.
My immediate impression of this class after the first week was “Damn these guys are creative.” And over the past two weeks everyone has proven me right. The output for both the Daily Shoot and the design/visual assignments have been just amazing. Trying to pick favourites, which is a hard task no matter the format, is nearly impossible because I like so much of what everyone did. As for what I did, well that’s a lot easier. But I’ll start with which assignments I liked the best and then tell you what I liked the best from what I did. Short and sweet.
I’ve said this before, but I will say it again, I’m not a big visual/design person. I’m a music major and to you can divide music majors into four major camps: those who want to perform, those who want to teach, those who want to do research, and those who want to compose. From these we can break it down even further to two bigger categories: those who create and those who don’t. I’m in the don’t camp. However despite not being someone who creates I appreciate those who do and I admire the work that they do create. So while I can’t (at the moment) create a .gif file or do anything in Photoshop (except destroy) I appreciate and value those who do. So from the assignments outside of Daily Shoot, here are the ones I wish I could have done and the three that I did do to some success.

  • The Big Caption/The Big Hip Hop – I like the idea and loved what some of fellow classmates made based on this assignment. It’s simplistic but perfectly encapsulates internet fandom as I know it, so seeing it translated into something not fandom based is pretty damn cool. Go Tim Owens.
  • Four Icon Challenge: I love the premise behind this. Distill your favourite movie or tv show into four basic elements. So simple, yet so difficult. I thought about doing this one and even knew what icons I wanted to use, but…I didn’t. However I love the idea and some of the icon challenges you guys made were awesome. Go Kyle Tezak and Tim Owens (again).
  • Minimalist Travel/Movie/TV Posters: Before this class I had seen minimalist movie posters before and had always been impressed with their ingenuity. Expanding that to travel/tv posters just made sense and the designs that I saw were just as if not more impressive than the minimalist movie posters I had seen before. Go Martha Burtis/Tom Woodward.
  • Buddy Photo: I did this one largely because it’s a fairly simple if really fun idea. Bring along a little “buddy” and take pictures of it wherever you go. I brought it along with me on a Tuesday or Thursday and it was fun, probably more fun than the Daily Shoot (in my opinion.) And it was student created so kudos to anagahama for that spot of genius.
  • Stories Written in Windows Media Player: Another one I did because it was simple and fun. I had seen memes involving creating things based on music collections before, but I liked trying to create my own poem based on songs in my music collection. And the poems other people created made more sense than mine and were awesome. Go callean.

So those are my favourites. As for what I did what I liked the best was my Buddy Photo series. Explaining Cthulhu to my music history teacher was fun as was finding places to take little Cthulhu’s picture. And there endeth my ramble on the past two weeks. If you can get something out of that you are a smarter person than me.

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