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Sound Story

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My first experience with Audacity was during my senior year of high school when I was preparing my IB Music portfolio. Part of the portfolio was twenty minutes (more or less) of performing. My private clarinet teacher introduced me to Audacity as a means of recording my performances of two pieces for the portfolio. While my teacher had a pretty nice set up for recording I had a less than nice set up so I got to spend a lot of time figuring out to my the solo piece I had to record sound as good as the accompanied piece I had recorded at my teacher’s house. I can’t remember whether I managed to do that, but I did explore Audacity quite a bit during that period. Since then I’ve used Audacity on and off for various projects including something I did for my freshman seminar and then during my junior year putting together a portfolio for my application to the University of Westminster. I wouldn’t say I’m an expert at Audacity, I even learned something while putting together this 90 second sound story, but I know my way around the program okay. Anyway, this is a really long introduction to my group’s sound story which I cleaned up this afternoon.* I’ll explain the story after the “jump.”

Ds106soundstory by cydwarning30

A group of jolly kids are walking in the woods having fun and whatnot. A magic tinkling is heard in the air along with the creepy** cicadas come out in the summer. The kids head toward the sounds, intrigued my what they hear. And again, the creepy cicadas. Soon they hear the magic tinkling and the sound of music box coming from the creepy cave. Curious they head into the cave despite it being creepy. As the trapped wind roars around them they find the music box and laugh one. Last. Time.***
Sounds courtesy of the following FreeSound users: Royal, DJ Cronos, Timbre, Hazure,Shades, EuroBlues.

*Or more accuratly put, put the thing together for the first time in one track. If you ever need to convert a stereo track to a mono track in Audacity, for whatever reason, simply click on the “Track” menu on the main menu bar the click “Stereo track to Mono track.” So simple a baby could do it.
**I find cicadas super creepy. They just sit there making their creepy noise and you know that if you piss them off they’ll attack you in your sleep. I really don’t like cicadas.
***Trying to impart the creepiness of this story. It may or may not work.

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