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understanding web2.0

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In my eyes Web 2.0 is a representation of the next/current synthesis in the future of the internet and networking.  The internet continues to grow and show us more and more ways to “connect the dots” between us.  Storytelling, being representative of human behavior, is at the center of the web 2.0 movement.  Alexander and Levine re-introduce the trends and methods of what has been deemed as web 2.0 but I think there is entirely much much more to this idea.  This representation of the next stage of stroytelling and sharing information is the fundamental evolution of the internet.  I strongly believe that the internet is one if not the most important tools in the world in terms of technology and information.  Through storytelling mediums, more knowledge of every imaginable dimension is becoming more and more rapidly available.  Now we can instantaneously identify trends across all social dynamics.  “Tagging” has streamlined the categorization and search-ability of everything.  There are I believe cons to the growth and evolution of the internet and I believe that those are rooted in social networking to a certain degree.  Although very useful, I feel it has generated one of the many byproducts of the evolution of the internet and human network in that it has altered the way we communicate with one another.  I almost feel sometimes like we’re turning into zombies that have lost the art of just talking to one another.  I also feel privacy is and will become more and more of an issue.  Overall I felt that it was a very well written article and in terms of the topic itself, web 2.0 is the current evolution of the internet.  What will web 3.0 be?

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