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Personal Bitch Fest.

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Patrick’s post about how bad this assignment and weeks sucks inspired me to write my own post about the major suckfest that is the week before Spring Break.

First- all the things that suck about this week not pertaining to DS106 exactly. I understand that we’re going to be out of class for a week- but does that really mean that the Biology and Chemistry departments have to conspire against all us science nerds in an attempt to make our brains explode? I have a genetics lab report, a genetics exam, an organic chemistry exam, and an organic chemistry lab exam followed by a full lab. My brain is currently turning into a puddle of mush as I type. On top of that I have to try to meet and work on a Calculus report that’s due after Spring Break. Ugh…

Now to the amazing-yet-still-a-pain-in-the-ass-time-suck that is DS106. We have to produce a 30 minute radio show to be uploaded to DS106radio, 5 minutes of which are due tomorrow. I’ll be honest- our group hasn’t worked on it at all as of yet because all of us have presentations or exams or some other scholarly bullshit to deal with. I know it’s only five minutes- but it takes a while to get those creative juices flowing for me and five minutes of product could take a good couple hours of work. The good news is that by the Law of Conservation of Energy- all that work going into the project will yield one high quality, eargasm of DS106radio gold.

I’ll stop bitching now and start brainstorming for our meetup later. Thank you for listening (figuratively of course.) Sorry for the lack of love lately, as you can see I’ve had a lot going on. I’m planning on doing a lot of creative work with my final project over Spring Break though with all my free time. Tune in for more.

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