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Listening = Awesome

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So, I hope this title of my post is okay but anyways we spent today in class listening to many 5 miniute intros (see last post for assignment) Listening to DS106 radio in class was definitely really fun. Our group actually went second, which I was not expecting. So heres our first five minute intro by Me, Calvin, and Greg:


Now how did we come up with this? First, we spent a good 2 1/2 hours trying to figure what to do and then Calvin was just like “lets do zombies.” So, we ended up with the topic of zombies. We decided to set it up like survivors looking to stay alive and they some how ended up in a radio station. We started mid way because we figured they’re pressing a bunch of buttons trying to get the radio to work to call for help. So, the two people are panicking and arguing and theres a guy dying on the floor (not sure if that came across) but we pretty much ad-libbed the whole thing from just knowing the story line. After we did that I ended up playing around with it and I had a lot of fun inserting a background track and like copy and pasting freesounds into audacity. An example, the knife swoosh when the girl says “I found a knife,” yeah got a bit carried away.

I really liked the other radio programs as well. There was another zombie radio one, which was more of a comedic route and it was funny! There was another one I especially liked, the love advice show: sweet nothings or whispers. that one was really funny! And then there was a Detective one, which reminded me of film noir (black film) with a comedic twist. It was really good. There was also one that was just commercials and that was really clever and funny. Overall, a lot of groups did really well and I can’t wait to hear the other 25minutes!

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