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My idea for the final project would be to find a very simple, sterile and vague story and tell it in as many different media forms as possible. Initially I thought of doing something very generic, like the supposedly universal hero myth. I then thought that is probably too vague and furthermore, I find, has become somewhat cliché. It seems that everybody knows that George Lucas read “The Hero With a Thousand Faces” before he began to work on “Star Wars”.

So, I now think that I am going to use one of Æsop’s fables. They are almost all very short and have a more specific, though simple plot. Furthermore fables are fables because they express a certain message and if I cannot force the story itself into a certain form of media I can always try expressing the message. I may continue doing iterations of “The Fox and the Leopard” or I look at one of the shorter stories collected by the Brothers Grimm.

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