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New DS106Radio Toys

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In celebration of the completion of my last midterm ever, and the onset of spring break, I present to you some new toys from the DS106 Radio Twitterbot…


Ever curious who the most prolific live broadcasters are? Here are the top ten:

Broadcast Title Occurences
James Groom’s Broadcast 155
DJ Downes is in da Office 117
Exile in New Jersey @mikhailg 116
DJ Downes 82
Noise Professor Live! 63
Noise Professor 58
@DrGarcia in Motion 52
Exile in New Jersey @mikhailg — Radio Free Puppi 37
noiseprofessor 35
Mikhail Gershovich Live 20

As you can see, we are grouping by the show name, so if you wanted true totals you’d have to add them up by hand. Also, we are counting by number of “songs” broadcasted, so DJs will have a higher count than someone who does an single one-hour broadcast.

The JSON API to pull the stats for yourself is (see this post for an explanation of the start parameter):

What about listener numbers? Here are the last five days:

Date Min Max Avg Var Stddev
2011-02-21 1 11 4.1812 8.3685 2.8928
2011-02-22 1 6 2.0774 1.2714 1.1276
2011-02-23 1 14 3.7662 5.8209 2.4127
2011-02-24 1 12 2.3407 3.4395 1.8546
2011-02-25 1 14 3.2817 3.9019 1.9753

The JSON API to pull the stats for yourself is:

The goal behind these new APIs, of course, isn’t to promote any sort of competitiveness. Rather, we’ve collected a lot of information with the twitterbot about an unplanned but core aspect of the craziness that is DS106, and it is interesting to see what the data says.


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