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Daniel on Lazy Sequences

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Looking into Lazy Sequencing and following the link that Patrick found. I discovered that there is very much pattern matching going on with Clojure. Check this (it’s also a polymorphic function as it can appear differently depending on how its called).
(defn argcount
;;zero arguments
([] 0)

;; 1 argument
([x] 1)

;; list of arguments
([ x &  args] (inc (count args))))

no if then statements, this is defining a function lazily, it only grabs the definition that it needs :) pretty neat.

This language is a very functional language much like SML. Here’s another example of a function being defined on one line
(def newton (iterate (fn[x] (/ (+ x (/ 2.0 x)) 2)) 2))

Here is an example of a for loop which cannot be done in SML. I like Clojure better already :)

for loop

user=> (dotimes [i 4] (prn i))

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