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My original plan for today was to make my first official post for my final project and talk about some wedding plans and pictures of the ideas I have. Well, my camera is currently at Bryce’s house and I’m waiting for him to bring it over, so I can’t do the type of post that I originally thought of. However, I did sit down today and finally made a list of all the ideas that have been running through my head. Most of this is still just brainstorming, but here is a list of some topics that I will be posting about during the rest of the semester.


  • A story of how we met. A story about the proposal. Pictures of the promise ring, engagement ring, necklace, and earrings.


  • A small explanation of how I plan to organize all my findings and some pictures of magazines I have recently purchased and am using for inspiration.


  • We have, this past week, made our first wedding purchase. You’ll just have to wait for this post to see exactly what it was. There are also a few other items that go along with the first item we already purchased. We have discussed it and will probably be purchasing those items as well. I’ll show you what these are, too.


  • Of course, probably the most complicated and stressful decision will be which dress to buy. I’ll show you some pictures of some styles that I like and some stores where I’d like to do my shopping.


  • The colors of the wedding are very important and should probably be one of the first decisions because you need to know this to order the cake, and flowers, to decorate the reception area, to pick out ties for the guys and dresses for the bridesmaids, etc. Colors are a pretty big deal. I’ll be sharing some ideas with you on what colors I’m thinking of choosing.


  • This is going to be a hard one. Choosing a place for the wedding. Do we want it in a church? Outside? Do we want the reception at an inn? A hotel? Outside? Inside? One big thing to consider is the price. Renting places gets expensive. For example, I don’t know if you consider this expensive, but I do: last night I found a place that would cost $15,000 for 100 people.  I’d rather have $15,000 to go on a nice honeymoon…. and still have money leftover.


  • Yes, I did just mention a honeymoon. This is a good transition into one of the other possible posts: A couple of places to choose from for the honeymoon. Now, I’ll be honest, I haven’t traveled much so I’m hoping once I post a few ideas that those of you who have traveled can give your opinions and help me out.


  • I know I already mentioned a post about my dress, but I also need to choose bridesmaids dresses. Finding something that everyone will he happy with sounds hard…. not looking forward to it.


  • I’ve always wanted a crazy cake, so I think I’ll have a lot of fun with this post. I’ll be posting pictures of some cakes that I’ve found that I really like.


  • I haven’t decided if I’m going to do this yet, just because I don’t know if it’s possible to accurately judge this without getting official quotes from vendors and all, but I might to a post of a projected budget for the wedding. I feel like this would help me out just so when it does come time for us to actually start finalizing things, we will know how much we can spend. But, like I said, it seems like it would also be hard to do because what if I set the price of something and it’s just totally unrealistic? I’m not too sure about this idea yet, but we’ll see what I can do with it.


  • Hair is going to be a big deal, too! I’ll be posting some pictures of hairstyles that I’ve found.


  • Invitations. You’ll see some pictures of some invitations that I like. Of course, we actually have to set the date before we can buy the invitations, but it’ll be nice to already have them picked out.


  • Food, food, food. Weddings need to have good food. I’ll post about my ideas for food. Should I hire a caterer? Should I have my families cook the food? What food should I have? Maybe I’ll post a possible menu.


  • And I would be lying if I said I didn’t care about the wedding presents. Everyone that says they don’t care is lying, too! It’s a natural reaction for people to like presents. And even if you don’t like something that much, the fact that you didn’t have to pay for it kind of makes you like it a little bit. But anyways, I’ll be posting some ideas for places that I want to have a wedding registry. I’ll probably also be asking for some advice on brands, appliances, etc.


Now, of course, these posts won’t happen in the exact order listed, nor are the topics set in stone, but it’s still nice to have a starting place. Who knows where this project will take me. Hopefully I’ll have my wedding pretty much planned before we actually set the date. Which is kind of backwards, but whatever, it works for me. I’d also like to note that I have used the word “I” very frequently throughout this post and will use it throughout future posts, but keep in mind that Bryce and I are making the decisions together, so when I say “I” most of the time I mean “we.”

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