The story of us (through jewelry)

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As a little intro to the adventure of wedding planning, I thought I would start out with a little story about the relationship of the bride and groom up to this point.


It all started in September of 2008. The two met through mutual friends. They clicked instantly. That Christmas, the bride received her first piece of jewelry from the groom:

That next spring, the spring of 2009, the bride graduated from high school:



At her graduation party, she received a wonderful gift from her future husband:


She got a promise ring!!

Time went by and everything was good. Then the two decided to take ds106 together. So the two started competing in the ds106 class to see who could get the best daily shoot photos, who could get the most comments, and who could finish an assignment first. Of course the bride almost always won. This tough love must have brought the two closer together because on February 11, 2011, about two and a half years after the first meeting, the bride received three wonderful presents for an early Valentine’s Day:

I don’t know why one doesn’t have a bow, but this is how they came.

First, at dinner, the groom placed this box on the table:

New diamond earrings!

Then the groom slid this onto the dinner table:


Finally, later that night, he dropped to one knee and pulled this out:

And now the two are engaged (and still battling it out in ds106)!!!!

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