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“Are you even in this class anymore?” -Jim Groom

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So, I’ve gotten a bit behind. Oops.

To make up for it, I thought I’d share a bit of non-ds106, yet suspiciously ds106-esque, work because ds106 is always with me, be it in spirit or a flood of ds106radio Tweets after a day away from Twitter.

During my extended absence from blogging, I was inspired by our visual section (I’ll admit it: that was my favorite section. Visual and design. I’m tired of this audio nonsense) to create some “art” for a story I did in the Bullet this week.

Oh, right, and welcome to a shameless plug for my work in the paper. I’m considering pulling my columns into this blog too because the only thing that brings me more joy in life than pizza is getting hate mail. Jess and Dave, you should promote yourselves/the paper too. It’s not weird or sad or pathetic or anything.

I feel like everyone should at least be somewhat aware of how I spend all of my time because I’m terrible at budgeting time like a functioning human. I’m serious. On Tuesday I had every intention of coming to class and then I lost my mind/perception of time and didn’t realize I was supposed to be somewhere other than where I was until 7 or so.  Don’t worry, though. I’m in a class called “What is Time?” this semester, so maybe I’ll have a better understanding of basic concepts like being places at a certain time soon. Please see figures 1.1 and 1.2 at the bottom of this post for a more comprehensive look at where my time disappears to on Tuesdays.

Anyway, this happened:

It goes with my moving tribute to Two and a Half Men. You can read it here.

Fig. 1.1

Fig. 1.2

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