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The end of HELL week

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So it’s a Wednesday and I’m sitting on my some what comfortable couch in the living room drinking Sangria wine watching the Real Housewives. The reason you ask? Well, let’s just put it this way… I’M FREE!!! [not really…] The past week I have been working non-stop on the Senior Exhibition show and the 30 minute radio project like woah. I’d like to take this time to express my feelings about my senior showing preparation and the radio project.

For many years I have heard from seniors who were installing their own shows, all the worst things that had happened to them with their shows. All the drama, the pain, and the struggle of putting together a show. Well for three years I thought they were being a little over dramatic. Let me tell ya, they weren’t lying. To top it off, our senior show had the most number of people exhibiting work then any other senior show. So of course we had double the drama! People’s names were spelled wrong on the final posters, things got broken, artist statements were turned in and for me, a drive down to Richmond to retrieve more paper for a piece that I “should” put in to the show. Long story short, all of the seniors had their moment during this short week. But I’m glad that it is over and the show opening is tomorrow.

For the radio show project, the Arkansas Territorial Militia got together to record our show, ” Soft Whispers of Sweet Nothings,” and this actually made my week. I laughed and had a good ol’ time with Dr. Horace and Mary Lou Ann Clara because of all the funny ideas that kept popping out during our meeting! I think as a group, we got along well and really pushed our limits to make this radio show the best that we can come up with and I think it shows. To be honest, I really think working with a group really pushed me as an individual to work more and to come up with ideas. Unlike the visual and design projects, this was a lot more of a challenge and I really enjoyed this assignment. I realized that you can push yourself to do more but with people you have more of a drive to push yourself to come up with newer and better ideas, because you have people that will criticize and bounce ideas off of you.  So for me, I really think the reason why I didn’t push myself harder or try more was because I didn’t have people to bounce my ideas off to. So, I apologize, Jim Groom, that I wasn’t pushing myself more but now I know what I have to do in order to achieve that goal of pushing myself.

I’m ending my blog today with this picture because this made me laugh out loud. Enjoy  :)

also, I had the time to change my blog to better suit myself [flickr, new layout, & calender]

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