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“Wonders of the World”

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“Wonders of the World” is the title of my radio show and the show is PARTIALLY based on a true story about my roommate who snores every night. In fact, she is in the show and is referred as a snoring master. The overall process of making the show was pretty exciting despite of the fact that our voices started to crack as the night got deeper and deeper… In the process of making the show, I faced some challenges. One, writing a script in a language that is not my first language was not a fun thing to do, especially when someone like me who doesn’t usually listen to a radio show. Figuring out how to use Audacity was another challenge that I faced, though, it was actually a one fun software to mess around with. The thing that I wish I could do more of next time is that I want to integrate some more music and soundeffects to make the show more colorful. Although there are many aspects of which I can improve upon, I’m proud of the show in that I think the show was at least informative and somewhat humorous at the same time. Compared to my own radio show, I thought everyone’s work was decent and some of them were quite impressive. I especially liked the one that Stacy’s group did, “mysteriously mysterious mystery” (I can’t exactly remember the title of the show, hope this is right). I thought it sounded pretty professional when they used the soundeffects to make the show sound really “myterious.” Overall, it was an interesting experience and I think it also help me gain a new level of appreciation for radio shows.

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