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The end of the world in 30minutes.

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So, continuing on for this assignment and from my previous post we had do to another 25 minutes over break. My group and I split up the work and decided on coming up with stories of our own. As you may know from my previous post this radio story is basically a bunch of little stories put together. Stories of people/person trying to survive the zombies as they find refuge in the radio…but usually not for long.


The segment starts off with a typical radio host (Greg) as he talks about the weather/news and even mentions a hazardous waste truck spill (hmm). You also get some sweet commercials but then he gets interrupted by a man and is told to leave. Next thing you hear is a public service announcement done by Greg’s friend (great job). Then you hear the first 5 minutes from the previous post. Then, well I guess you should listen to the rest (warning: some mild language and violence): WSOZzombieRADIO


We used a lot of FREESOUND for radio sounds and static and even some zombie news reports were from free sound. We even went a bit further with the zombie news and just used bits and pieces of zombie radio from Dawn of the Dead: part 1 Part 2 Part 3 hopefully that’s legal….because I’m not actually sure if it is. And for those like disgusting sound clips (people making gross sounds) thats supposed to be actual zombies in the radio station and all those sounds were from the video game LEFT 4 DEAD (fun game to play in the dark). The first one you hear is the smoker, then the witch, and then the Hunter. If you don’t know what I’m talking about then watch this video.

I also suggested Greg to make a blog post about the very last character, which he performed amazingly.

Anyways, hope you enjoyed!!!!


Stacy Greg Calvin

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