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Random Comments and a Radio Show

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I was a ballerina for nine years. Ballerinas have a very specific hairstyle and really any deviation from that hairstyle can cause problems. Ones hair is long, not layered, and does not involve bangs.* The first thing I did when I stopped being a ballerina was cut my hair incredibly short and get bangs. Since then my hairstyle has been a variation on long/short, bangs or no bangs. Usually the no bangs phases are fairly short and I haven’t cut my hair nearly as short as I did when I first quite ballet. The wildest thing I’ve done to my hair is dye it and I’m currently working on backing out of that style decision.** So it should come as no surprise that I’ve decided to grow out my hair and I got bangs today. And with that I would like to give a warm welcome to the return of my fringe.***
I recently finished reading Neil Gaiman’s biography of Douglas Adams and I noticed while reading that the way Mr. Gaiman (and the other authors’) formatted their footnotes was the same way I formatted my footnotes in my blog(s). I figured this wasn’t a coincidence and that the common source had to be The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Well, I’ve only found one example of similar footnote formatting but it confirms my suspicions that the way I format my footnotes in my blog(s) is based on the way Douglas Adams formatted footnotes in HHGG. However, I doubt Mr. Adams somehow fitted in six footnotes into one page.
Today was a marathon of student created radio shows on DS106. One of those shows was created by myself, Erin, Alex and Grace. It was a long and ardous process that at times was incredibly hilarious. I will forever remember this class as the class that introduced me to the concept of a manshed and the sisters Cheddar. Those are good things.

Velociraptor’s Variety Show

The list is long as to who we need to thank, so I’ll start by thanking Prof. Groom for being the first outsider we interviewed and for giving us such great material. I would also like to thank the following people for being interviewed by us and generally being used for our own amusement: Emily (MauveShirt), Matt, Meredith, Adriane, Titus, Grace’s friend, Alex’s Mom and high school dance teacher, Erin’s brother and his friend, and a number of other people who’s names I can’t remember. We would also like to thank and all its users for supplying most of the sounds we used as background as well as a number of YouTube users who’s sounds we also used. As with most things in life this was a group effort in more than one way. I hope you guys enjoyed it, god knows some of it was a helluva lot of fun.

*I usually substitute bang for fringe in my head which just shows how insane I am.
**Not that I didn’t enjoy having red hair, it’s just hard to coordinate red hair with a largely green wardrobe without it looking like I celebrate Christmas all year. Next time I think I’ll go for something slightly more neutral.
***This entire paragraph was written for the sole purpose of writing that sentence. Sorry.

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