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The Radio is a Perilous Place

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Horribly violent mysteries.

…more zombies…

I really enjoyed this afternoon listening to DS106 radio.
I only sat through the entirety of two shows:
The Velociraptor Variety Show, and
A Mysteriously Mysterious Mystery

Both of them were awesome, for different reasons.

The zombie-themed show had the feel of modern radio.
There was a topic of discussion, or a question about zombies,
and then there were multiple fast-paced clips from about 4 sources,
which cut back and forth into each other with clips of dialog.

The characters were brilliant (the Man Shed guy, the european-sounding guy who thought that everything was funny, and the over-excited ladies…), everything was well-organized and easy to listen to, and it moved on fast enough to stay interesting.

The Murder Mystery one was great too. It had a charming, old-timey feel, from the broadway fanfares to the commercials to the characters. The music in the background was brilliant, and kept with the mood of the story wonderfully.

I’m gonna go catch the last couple tonight, and maybe listen back in tomorrow too.

Is DS106 radio always this fun?

One thing this project did for me more than anything else, is that it forced me to appreciate radio. I think people who haven’t done this kind of stuff have trouble picturing what goes into the production of a radio show. It is a LOT of work.

My group ended up working on part of our project over spring break, so a lot of it was recorded individually and then patched together later. That was hard, and it made the show sound patchy. I wish we’d had a bit more time to work together on it, and if we’d started earlier we probably would have ended up with a very different result.

Still, I am satisfied by how our show turned out, and pleasantly surprised at how much fun the assignment really was. I grew up listening to Garrison Keillor and admiring radio for its entertainment potential, but now I admire it all the more.

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