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I do not have a career in the radio business

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I had a ton of fun doing this radio show; there is no doubt about that. When we first started working, and doing our 5 minute segment, I was really self-conscious about talking into something and having my voice recorded. I made sure everything I said was scripted so I couldn’t possibly mess up. But after listening to our 5 minute segment I realized scripted talk does not sound good when it comes to doing a radio segment. So for the second half of the show we decided to find talking points and then just go with it and see how it turns out. I thought towards the end when me and Rob were just talking and letting the conversation just go where it wants it not only felt a lot better but I think it sounded a lot more like a radio show would sound. The biggest thing I really had to overcome was being self conscious and letting my thoughts just flow and even if it didn’t sound all that great you can always go back and try to make it sound better. If I could do it again I think I would spend more time on the research aspect so when we were freely talking about things it is a lot easier to come up with things to talk about and to come up with random stories if you have done your research and you are very knowledgeable about your topic. The best parts I think were when me or rob would say something, then the other would come back with a counterpoint and add something to what the other was saying, it made it sound a lot more natural when it was conversation like that. I am proud of the fact that towards the end I was exponentially more comfortable talking into the radio, and coming up with things to share with everyone. You won’t ever be hearing my on the radio again, but it was still a really fun experience.

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