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    Final projects are fun

    I really enjoyed doing this project, not only did I get to use my new camera but I got to use it while doing schoolwork! If you look at all my earlier posts you can see me and rob keep complaining about the weather, and it effected how much longboarding we could do. The result ...

    The key montage ingredient

    So when making a montage video the most important aspect is the music… And as of right now we can’t decide what song to use. We want a good relaxed feeling song, hopefully something with a good guitar in it. Here are some of our options, let me know which ones you think would be ...

    Teaser pictures

    So we finally started making the video. We went out across the river and took some footage along some pretty good hills. I fell pretty hard, but I deserved it. I turned around and rob was just slowing coming down the hill cause i think he knew it would have been a bad idea. The ...

    Dear Future Digstoers

    Dear fellow students, First things first, this is a pretty awesome class. The best part of this class is that it is actually relevant today, and the things you do in this class are things you do in your life everyday and things everyone around you does. Blogging, photography, video, mash-ups, and everything else in ...

    Poor excuse

    So I have all the you tube clips i want to use… but none of the programs have worked for me. Yes i deserve it because i started saturday at 4, but I i still can’t get any of these programs to work. Anyone think it’s because i have the firefox 4.0 update? I get ...

    Power to the students!

    This is a response to this article: This was another pretty complicated and deep article. This person definitely has a better grasp on their field than I ever will in my life. But I think I got the overall idea of the article, and there were a couple of sections in there that resonated ...

    That is one smart lady

    This is a reaction to the article we read and here is the link: As someone who is in the education program, I found this article extremely interesting. I truly believe if you are going to teach children, then you have to ponder questions like this, you have to read as much as you ...

    HTML is as easy as pie

    So I thought HTML would be this really hard and scary thing to work with, and I’m sure if I was trying to do anything more complicated than changing texts and pictures or writing my own html it would be. But for me I had no problem working with the coding even though I have ...

    My proof of being a nerd

    Here is the image of what I decided to do for our HTML project. I will put of my reactions and such later just wanted to get the image up so hopefully people could see it before class. This is the link to the original website:

    Radio show reactions

    Ashley Buske group: When I first started listening to these I thought it was going to be kinda tough to listen to a whole thirty minute radio show, because I normally don’t like the radio that much. But with this one I really liked all the different voices, the use of music, and the commercials. ...

    Final project: The time has come

    Since it hasn’t really been that nice outside, we haven’t really gotten starting on the filming aspect. But just to give a quick update me and Rob have been out there longboarding getting ready for when it’s time to start filming! (rob is nasty so he doesn’t really need practice… me on the other hand ...

    I do not have a career in the radio business

    I had a ton of fun doing this radio show; there is no doubt about that. When we first started working, and doing our 5 minute segment, I was really self-conscious about talking into something and having my voice recorded. I made sure everything I said was scripted so I couldn’t possibly mess up. But ...

    Bonaroo tribute radio show

    Our initial idea is to do a radio show about the music festival Bonnaroo. We could tell about the history of it, talk about how its grown to become so huge, tell funny stories people have posted online about what happens at Bonnaroo. We were talking about also having music in the background from bands ...

    Switched at Birth Reaction

    This story was at first a little boring, because I thought it was just going to be about these two families and they would talk about how their lives were different after knowing and blah blah blah. But after about 15 minutes I realized that there was so much more to this story. It had ...

    Radio Article

    After reading the article I kind of just shrugged my shoulders and said “meh”. There were some pretty helpful things in there but also some things that kind of bored me. The story itself was cool about the people trying to help their town, and I am a believer in the best way to learn ...

    Initial Final Project idea

    8 months ago I decided that I wanted to try longboarding. I am from NE and I love snowboarding, and I missed that sort of rush you get from doing a sport like that. You are completely in your own world and it really is an experience that I wouldn’t trade for anything else. And ...

    Storytelling in Economics

    Storytelling in Economics was well written in the sense that it addresses the problem very thoroughly and also gives us some great solutions to the problem. First the writer talks about what the use of stories is. He says that stories are a sort of knowledge that we cannot live without. Stories make facts easier ...


    The Web 2.0 article by Bryan Alexander and Alan Levine definitely had aspects that resonated me. And I think with me it accomplished its’ goal, which was to make me more interested in digital storytelling. The got this sense from this article (and from everyone who has spoken to us in class) that digital storytelling ...

    My hiking story

    Since my website is called hooked on the wild, I figured I would tell one of my favorite outdoor experiences. I always enjoyed hiking and I have always loved the outdoors but I have never really had anyone who feels the same as I do. So I occasionally go hiking by myself, or me and ...

    My fail Gif

    So after all my attempts I couldn’t get my gif. All the websites I went told me that I needed a video in a certain format or a certain length so I went and downloaded windows movie maker and broke down the 4 second clip I wanted. The problem was I couldnt save what I ...

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