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That is one smart lady

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This is a reaction to the article we read and here is the link:

As someone who is in the education program, I found this article extremely interesting. I truly believe if you are going to teach children, then you have to ponder questions like this, you have to read as much as you can, gather as much information because when it comes time for you to teach you want to be as informed as possible in order to pick and choose what you believe are the best ideas. There are so many restrictions that teachers and students have at school. From being able to have scissors to when you are allowed to leave to go to the bathroom school is a very controlled environment.
One point that I agreed with, and that pertains to this class, is when she talked about how we believe only teachers should be doing the teaching. But in reality students can teach each other way more than a teacher ever could. Yes, a teacher may know more about her topic and she may have all the facts in the world, but what is more important than facts is brain development and creating a dialogue between thinkers. Two students who do a project together about how they interpreted the cold war will learn more than a teacher who tells them everything they “need” to know. In this class yes the teacher knows more than we do, but we are going to learn the most about digital storytelling through our interactions with each other. By sharing ideas and comments we are not only growing socially but as intellectuals. By going out and doing our own radio show I learnt more about radio than reading that stupid book we were forced to read (not to offend anyone).
I may be completely off base with interpreting this article, they used a lot of tough language but it was worth it to try and pick through.
In a one sentence summary I have two questions. Do you agree that student will learn more from each other or from their teacher? And if you say yes, than why are most of us so lazy that we wait til Thursday night to ever enter our posts for the week? Do we not care about learning?

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