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Initial Final Project idea

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8 months ago I decided that I wanted to try longboarding. I am from NE and I love snowboarding, and I missed that sort of rush you get from doing a sport like that. You are completely in your own world and it really is an experience that I wouldn’t trade for anything else. And when I started longboarding I watched a ton of videos, and I told myself that I wanted to make a longboarding “montage” video once I get good enough.

I’m still not good enough but hopefully I’m getting there. Well for my final project Robbie ( is his blog) and I are thinking about making a montage video of us. The first thing we really need to do is to first really start practicing our longboarding… but also we have to come up with a story aspect to put it all together with and that’s the hard part.

Here is a video of two kids who I was friends with in highschool, and their video was the one that inspired me to want to make mine so I figure I’ll give them a shout out. Here is the link: I would suggest watching in HD if you can

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