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Dear Future Digstoers

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Dear fellow students,

First things first, this is a pretty awesome class. The best part of this class is that it is actually relevant today, and the things you do in this class are things you do in your life everyday and things everyone around you does. Blogging, photography, video, mash-ups, and everything else in this class is stuff you should know how to do.

Here is some advice I can pass along for you: Get on top of things early. If you get caught behind then it can be tough to catch up. So make sure to add the important website to your favorites for easy access. Secondly make sure to save all your passwords in one place, especially if you are one of those people who can forget their million different passwords. And one more piece of advice is to have fun. If you think of taking pictures everyday as a class assignment you won’t have nearly as much fun as just thinking of it as working on your photography skills. All these assignments are fun and as long as you don’t get yourself worked up or frustrated you will love this class.

The hardest thing for me personally was staying attentive during some of the lectures. The speakers we had were all so knowledgeable on the subject of digsto that sometimes they talked right over my head and I lost attentiveness. Ask questions because if you are unclear about something I bet at least 10 other people in the class had that same question.

So my opinion may not mean a hell of a lot. But in this class it means something, and in the digsto world there is always someone out there willing to listen to what you have to say. And that is what you will learn, that blogging is a world wide network of communication.

Yours truly,

Big Sandy Joe

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