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HTML is as easy as pie

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So I thought HTML would be this really hard and scary thing to work with, and I’m sure if I was trying to do anything more complicated than changing texts and pictures or writing my own html it would be. But for me I had no problem working with the coding even though I have never taken a computer science class. It really was as easy as right clicking the element I wanted to change and then going to inspect element. A small part of me hopes that we do some more with HTML so I can see how hard it can really be.
The biggest problem was that the website I created didn’t have the overall layout of the one I was copying. I think it was probably like this with multiple people but the background was a different color and the theme just looked a lot plainer in mine, which I have no idea how to fix in the HTML coding.
About a month ago I read the original article about the top ten games that ruin friendships. I liked the article because they were all games that I had played and all games that had caused verbal arguments between me and my friends. So when first introduced with this project I thought I could do a spin off and make a story out of my extensive video game career. The toughest challenge was matching the pictures to the articles, but once I figured it out all I needed was to get a thumbnail clip (those are smaller and when I linked it into the HTML you cant change sizes) of the games I wanted from google images. Overall this was a pretty fun thing to do and I’m excited to see where we go from here.

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