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Stereotypes on a Sunny Day

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So today, I decided I would alter a page on Mary Washington’s website, to make it rife with stereotypes about the school. I’m still deciding what page to use. Right now, admissions is my top choice. Does that count as a story? Definitely yes. The genre would be 1/3 fiction. Anywayz, I asked a bunch of people to tell me what they thought UMW stereotypes were and this is what they came up with:

1) most apathetic student body ever (welcome to the school of average)
2) the guys are…
    a) gay or…
    b) those nerdy kids you never talked to in high school or…
    c) wayyy too into sports
3) the girls are….
    a) lesbians or…
    b) really ugly or…
    c) wayyy too into sports
4) it is often referred to as “The University of Mostly Women” or “The University of Mediocre Women”
5) why is UMW “wayyy too into sports”? Because it is a division 3 school. You weren’t good enough to play at a better school, GET OVER IT.
6) lots of jesus-freak home-schoolers
7) it is also often referred to as “The University of Mostly White”
8) it’s the school of rejects from UVa and W&M
9) it has NO school spirit
10) there are no good parties/UMW hates fun
11) it’s just like high school! YAY!

Feel free to let me know of any I missed.

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