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  1. Audrey

    Dear Future People

    I’m not equipped to give recommendations for this class based on anything other than my own experience, and that experience, for whatever reason, created a lot of internal turmoil for me. Below are the characteristics of my personality, that made … Continue reading
  2. Audrey

    El Mashup

    Well, on top of my general end of school malaise, I seem to have contracted the need to sleep for epic amounts of time. Yesterday, I accomplished a personal record of 16 hours of sleep! You didn’t think that was … Continue reading
  3. Audrey

    Final Project Thingz

    PART UNO Okay, sooo Monday night before 12pm you get to hear my friends telling stories and me laughing like a hyperventilating lemur in the background. Seriously though, audio has taught me that my laugh is super obnoxious. I’m currently working on … Continue reading
  4. Audrey


    I didn’t actually love this movie, but I was royally confused by it (and not just because it’s in Italian) so I decided to watch it again. The commentary shows what I learned. Enjoy!
  5. Audrey


    Here it is: Stereotypes/Satire. I don’t actually believe most of this. I’m just making sure you know because after reading the comments on this Mary Washington Bullet article —-> I’m afraid to say anything that might be offensive. “Feminists” … Continue reading
  6. Audrey


    During D’Arcy’s little chat with ds106 today, Stephanie Laffert’s asked what his opinion is of “the staged versus the natural”. I immediately thought of Marwencol. Those of you who are fans of This American Life probably already know what Marwencol … Continue reading

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