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Am I dreaming? Is that a psycho killer?

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I’m staying in the room the size of a closet. I’ve slept for three days straight on a loveseat. I wake up and kittens are climbing all over me. They’re everywhere and they are scratching at the walls and me. I emerge from the room and shut the door behind me quickly. I wander through a room of books into a dining room where a middle-aged couple I’ve never met is setting a table. I stand in the corner until they say, “please, sit down.” The food is fried meat and green beans. As I eat the meat, I taste flavors I’ve never experienced before. I say, “this is delicious, what is it?” The middle-aged woman says, “fried kitten.” Then I woke up.


I got dressed fast because my class was in 15 minutes. I walked into Bushnell’s lobby where there was a barricade constructed out of all the lobby furniture. Mind you, this was no shabby barricade. It was very solid/well done. Anyway, a middle-aged man with long blond hair popped up from behind it. He giggled and started pacing back and forth while staring at me. I was CERTAIN he was gonna kill me. I turned around and bolted back to my room. After the door was locked, I told myself I was crazy and decided to leave Bushnell via floor 2. I went downstairs and walked past the laundry room where I heard someone. I decided to ask them what was up with the barricade. I opened the door and there stood the blond haired guy… I bolted out the door and walked past a Maytag truck. It was not until an hour later that I realized he was probably just the Maytag man.

Dreams fuck me up.

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