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Dear ds106,

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I won’t be in class this evening, but it’s not the Omelet Rice that killed me, it’s my theater field trip. I wish I was making this up, but my “really cool, nice and smart” theater professor scheduled a field trip to see a play in D.C. this evening and wouldn’t accept ds106/anyone having night classes as a valid reason to miss this trip that I’m sure is going to be a rewarding and educational experience. The only thing worse than my 200-level theater professor are my classmates. I hate them all. This is mostly a self-indulgent rant, as I kill time before our 5:45 departure, but I figured I should account for my absence for a change.

I’ve been messing around in Firebug and had some fun screwing with a friend’s Facebook then sending her the screenshot. Other than that, I’ve tried to change the Department of Homeland Security’s page and the Washington Post, but ran into trouble when trying to edit the text of banners because they’re actually images. I haven’t given myself enough time to sit down and actually try to insert my own images in their place, so I’m not sure if this is a real issue or if it just wasn’t as easy as I’d been hoping.

Once I figure that out (tonight, post-field trip), I’ll know what site I’m going to hack for this assignment. Craigslist was fun and there’s definitely a lot of material to work with, but I want to challenge myself more. I’m tentatively thinking of sticking with Facebook, especially if I can master changing the images, to make a funny News Feed, like Megan did with Star Wars earlier in the semester. I’m totally copying her here, but that was such a great idea and I’ve been eager to try one of my own since I saw what she did. I’m not sure what theme mine will have, but Mean Girls has always been a guilty pleasure favorite movie of mine, so maybe I’ll make a Mean Girls Facebook News Feed.

That’s what I’m thinking now, but it will probably change a million times once I’m actually working on it.

I’ll miss you all while I’m away. If I don’t see you in class Tuesday, it’s because I ran away while on my field trip. Or because I threw myself off the bus into oncoming traffic on I-95.



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