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Jesus Bale Lives

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So for this assignment we had to use Firefox and Firebug to tell a story within an existing Web space. So, the first thing I had to do was come up with a website to play around with. I follow some Tumblrs and there’s this running joke about Christian Bale looking like Jesus; people on Tumblr usually call him Jesus Bale. He’s also one of my favorite Actors so what better way to show my appreciation but by poking fun at him. I decided I would go to his IMDb page and play around with that. I’ve never used HTML (besides making text a different color) so this was pretty new for me.

Click for my Jesus Bale IMDb I would advise not clicking anything because that just leads to an error page. I’m not exactly sure if we were suppose to make pages to click to/I don’t know how to do that. You can scroll of stuff like Bales Movies and click Bales Favorite Colors.

Click for the original Christian Bale IMDb

I ended up doing a lot in the edit, obviously, putting in new words and what not. I deleted loads of elements because there’s a lot of extra stuff on IMDb and I really couldn’t think of anything funny enough to put in its place. I found the pictures to be simple enough because I just found some online and just pasted the URL into the code. I kept the videos and kept most of his movies and added some new ones. The whole process took awhile. I started last night and worked on it for 2 hours and then LOST IT ALL. I wanted to cry because I was going to save it and then I accidentally clicked a different button. After a good nights rest, I started again and spent 4 hours on it while saving it like every 10 minutes. I think I did okay…I really don’t like the fact that it seems like you can click on links but then it goes no where (I really did try to make it link up to things) because Jim’s example you click on stuff and it actually takes people places. oh well.

I’ll leave you with a couple of funny Jesus Bale GIFS (all from Tumblr):

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