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My Web Story

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This is my story

My story

Ines path to glory

I am a proud mother of Twins. They are 28 years old now. Due to lack of good job opportunities in Portugal they had to leave in be far away from me. I phone them every day. As a typical Mediterranean mother I like to know every detail of what is happening in their lives . Twitter and Facebook is a wonderful tool to keep me updated with the special events.
I decided to built my Web storytelling assignment around the experience I had following my daughter who is presently working in England and that has given the wonderful gift of finishing her masters degree.
I hijack My daughter´s university page. Use the ScreenGrab to have a complete local web page, HTML code, java scripts and graphics. I initially tried to work with Firebug but found it very difficult and messy to deal with because of the editing processes capabilities. Finally I give up and reverse to my old faithful DreamWaver.
The story is about how I did perceive her work along the graduation process. I based my recollections mainly in the Twitter timeline.

All the pictures were taken from her Facebook photo album. I had to work them out with Fireworks to resize them to be in accordance with the Web assets I picked.
Also I did find strange things in the Web assets. I found “Sprites” and discovered they used them as background mask for the sections (DIV) and replacement for Fonts . After 30 minutes of, in vain, trying to change some letters in the text , changing them in the bitmap of those Sprites (again Fireworks ) did the trick
The original place for the page Web, you can find it here

My transformed page is in here:

My Webstory is also a Gift to my daughter, I am sending her a folder with the files so she can remember later that a lot of people were as anguished as she was

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