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Beneath – now with (some) interactivity

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Here is another update to Beneath. My focus since last time has been figuring out how to allow the player to interact with their environment in ways beyond merely walking about. Here are a few changes you may notice…

Most obvious is that there now a new starting area – a mysterious forest. Within it are the first two interactions. First, try walking up to the sign and hitting the spacebar for an inspiring message. Second, walk up to the cave to transport to a new map. The transition is currently pretty shakey – no visual or auditory fades, but it gets the job done for now.

There are also a few changes in the underground area. First, you can now pick up the bags o’ gold. Second, you can open and close doors. Third, you can “sleep” on the bed.

I think that there are almost enough basic pieces to begin realizing my vision for the game’s opening sequence (what you’re seeing in these demos so far are just test maps). The biggest element missing now is sound effects. So what I think I’ll do next is get that working, and then iron out the details of the opening sequence (on paper… ).

Click to begin. Arrow keys to move, space to interact.


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