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Welcome to Gatorland

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For my webstories project, I re-did the Department of Homeland Security’s page into the Department of Gatorland Security. Gatorland is a place you go in your #fruitmobile, which is to say, it’s a weird inside joke between me and my friends that doesn’t really mean anything. I think my story is a little weak overall, but I spent a lot of time focusing on the website’s coding and changing as much as I could. I’m pretty happy with the final product, though the real DHS page has a scrolling top stories feature where I placed the “Gatorland, a nice place to live” image. In order to replace it, I needed to do something with flash and this is a really stressful week, so I ended up having to turn it into a static image.

I tried uploading the html to cPanel, but it keeps showing up just as the text, not as my page, so I guess I’ll just include the screen grab of the Department of Gatorland Security here now because I’m excited to be finished and try to work out the kinks in cPanel by Thursday.

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