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Raku firing

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I know I haven’t really started on the ARTds but I am committed to starting it today and continuing everyday from today til the end of the semester! To clear things up, my ARTds is like a dailyshoot but with art! The photos will revolve around the University of Mary Washington art students who are working hard in whatever medium and I will be taking different photos of it everyday to start a photo journal entry of every day activities in Melchers.

Today, the Ceramic 1 students got to test a new technique called Raku firing. Now for those non-ceramists, this process is when you fire your pot at a high temperature and while the pot is still hot you transfer it over into combustible things to create different colors with the pot. The different heat will create a wide range of reds to blues and you never know how it will come out. So I took a photo of the students doing this process.

Raku firing- ceramics

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