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audio + video.

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So I went ahead and did the project already because I am going to have a busy week next week. I did my movie on Spirited Away by Hayao Miyazaki, cause it’s my favorite movie of all time. Since I didn’t have the movie with me on hand I decided that getting clips from youtube was the best way to do this project. And¬†surprisingly¬†enough all of the clips I wanted to put into my video was on youtube. I only have about 6- 7 mins of the video but I didn’ t know what else to talk about with the film. ¬†But here is the link to youtube where I uploaded the video essay. Watch it and let me know if I should add or do anything to it.

so the pros and cons to using imovie:

aliyah and I were doing this project friday night, and I was recording my voice maybe 5, 6 times. But after recording it didn’t save the recent one and would bring up the old 1st version that I had messed up. This was very frustrating and i couldn’t figure out why it kept doing it so I ended up having to start a new file to create a voice over.

i like the space bar tool to playing and pausing the clips. very handy

imovie is very easy to use. After a few trial and errors I was able to use imovie like a pro… mer ok scratch that not a pro but a person who can use it without a mac professional teaching me step by step.

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