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Web Storytelling

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This assignment was a lot of fun doing! At first, I was a little slow getting started, but the tutorial by Professor Burtis was very helpful! Once I got it rolling, it went good. I decided to use a Flickr page and created a completely random story about it.  I don’t even know where I came up with a random story about balloons. The story is about how balloons are falling from the sky. I decided to use Flickr because whenever something crazy or random happens, the first thing people usually do is take pictures of it. So I thought it was appropriate to use Flickr to reveal this news about balloons falling from the sky. Using Firebug was not that difficult, I just had to remember to keep saving my file in case I accidentally browsed away from he page. I used Screengrab to capture the image below.  I really thought that this program was cool because you were able to save the entire web page, I never knew you could do that. I did run into some trouble for getting my link for this one to work. So I made two, and my second one worked. The second one has to do with the main Flickr page and I changed it into describing someone about to enter a mystery game. I hope you guys like it!

You can also see it here.

You can also see it here

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