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Project Complete

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At the moment I’m currently exporting a medium sized movie from iMovies having finished my brief but appropriately summarized argument about the inherent darkness of Bright Young Things. I’m hoping my audience is smart and that the dialogue kind of speaks for itself (which is a large part of why I chose the clips I did.) I would like to thank Prof. Groom for letting me borrow the snowball, I really should get that back to him now. I will update this entry once I have the video uploaded to Vimeo (because YouTube doesn’t like things that are longer than 10 minutes) and give some more details and possibly spoil the movie for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet.
Update: The “video” will be available to watch in about a half hour as of 4:40pm. I have a class at the point and will provide a link and/or embed the video after that class. I’ll also be writing the spoilery bits after my radio show, so expect that update around 9pm (because a girl’s gotta eat.)
Here is the actual video essay. It has fairly good picture quality, don’t know about audio but I assume it’s good. Enjoy!

A video essay on the inherent darkness of Stephen Fry’s film “Bright Young Things”

Obviously you can go to the actual website to see a slightly larger version

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