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So this week’s post is about colors for the wedding. I think I’ve pretty much decided what colors I want it to be. I’d like to take you through the steps of my decision process and then show you a few ideas I’ve found on the internet.

Okay, so for the past couple of years, I’ve been a big fan of the black and white damask design. I started to buy a lot of items with that design on it, and other people have become aware of my obsession and have bought me things as well.

Bryce’s mom bought me some dishes for when we move out. By the way, if any of you really like these, you can get them at Target. I recommend because she couldn’t find them in the actual store.


The blanket on my bed, even though it’s not a true damask design, still goes with the theme because it’s black and white. Again, this was a Target purchase. Find it at if any of you are interested. It might be best to get it online because I purchased it over a year ago in the store and I’m not sure if it is in the store anymore. The blanket is reversible and I like to leave the white side up, but here is what it looks like with the black side up. I use pink as an accent color as well because I’m a huge fan of pink, but I don’t want a pink wedding.

So yeah, there are numerous items I own that feature the damask design in black and white or are at least inspired by the damask design. So I thought, why not do something like this for my wedding, at least have the black and white colors in the wedding. I think it makes for an absolutely beautiful wedding cake. Found here.


This one is pretty cool, too. Found here.


This is where the wedding cake photos end, but don’t get too upset because they will be back in their own separate post hopefully. But, from that, you can at least see where I’m thinking of taking this whole thing. I mean there are so many things to do with this. Look at some of these invitations. Found here.

Now don’t worry. I’m not going to do everything in this design. It’s not going to look like damask threw up on my wedding, but this was the thinking process I went through to arrive at my current, and hopefully final conclusion.

So then my next thought was, to keep it from looking like a damask throw up, that I could do my colors as black and white and then have a few damask designed items in the mix. I played around with this idea for a long time. I went back and forth in my head, wondering if people would find it appropriate that I have black flowers, black bridesmaids dresses, etc. And ultimately, it is MY wedding so I could do whatever I wanted, but I figured planning a wedding is stressful enough, I don’t want to be stressed out wondering if people will approve of my style. And eventually I came to the conclusion that maybe having everything in just black and white wouldn’t be something I would completely love either. After that I remembered the pink accent color on my bed, and although I did not want to have pink in my wedding, it confirmed my idea that the black and white idea goes great with another accent color. I played with ideas, black, white and purple, black, white, and blue, black white, and yellow…

And then this photo is what really made up my mind. Found here.

So it’s going to be black, white, and red. I think this is so beautiful!!!! And there is so much you can do with it. Look at this wedding reception. Found here.

Look at this cake. Found here.


And this reception. Found here.


Okay, so that’s it for now. If I keep showing you guys everything, I’ll have nothing left for future posts. Hope you enjoyed it!


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