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Remix Essays

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I had the pleasure of reading a couple great articles about the art of remixing different forms of art to create a more personal story for the author. I want to discuss both of those articles at length.

The first article I read was titled “Praxis 2.0: Escaping the edu-travelogue.” This article addressed the role of the student in both formal and informal learning environments. The author suggests that students can actually learn more in informal environments, ones which deviate from the institutional norms, because they find themselves more engaged in the material. The problem with this is, as the author states, students tend to use copyrighted material that they are more familiar with. Using such material goes against the anti-plagiarism models taught by institutions. I understand the author’s point of view. After all, not every student is full of creative potential without being inspired by something else. I personally think that all art is a gateway to more art.

The second article I read was titled “Dr. Mashup; or, Why Educators Should Learn to Stop Worrying and Love the Remix.” I thought this article was more thought-provoking. A few times throughout this course, I questioned whether or not I was breaking copyright laws by using copyright material in my assignments. But I ultimately decided that the creators wouldn’t care it if was for educational purposes. I especially enjoy the argument this article raises about remix being an assault to originality. “Elements of reuse have always been present in creative work, even though the borrowing may have been framed in terms of “tradition,” or “influence.” This quote perfectly addresses the fact that we’ve always built off of each other, only now we are more open to admitting it. I’ll end with this quote: “If I have seen further it is because I have stood on the should of giants.”

I honestly do think that remix principles can be taught. BUT, I do not think that they should. The art of remix is creativity…and if schools teach it, then it will only be another rule to be creative against.

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