Simple Minds… I Think Not!

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Okay, so here is my video. Hope you enjoy it! Let me just say that this was very very time consuming. I’ve been working on it since last Saturday. It’s certainly not professional quality, but I’m happy with it. It took me a long time to figure out what programs would work for me to get to my final product, and here’s what I did: I copied the movie from a dvd straight onto my computer, I used VLC to record the segments of the movie I wanted to use, I used Evom to convert them to MP4 format, I used MPEG Streamclip to trim the clips (which I feel was an unnecessary step, I could have done the same thing, and actually did do some more of it in imovie), then finally uploaded them into imovie and did the voiceover, transitions and final touches. From imovie I was able to directly upload to youtube. And here is the final product:

My video is not working at the moment due to some issues with youtube. As soon as I get it fixed I will embed it in the post. Sorry :(

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