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The Future of My Blog

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The last few days I have been thinking about what to do with this blog after I graduate in a month.  I have to pay for it until at least my wedding in October because my wedding blog is currently a subdomain of this site.  Originally, I thought that I would just keep it until October and then stop paying so it shuts down.

But, now I am seeing the benefit of  continuing this blog in a completely different way.  I want to use this blog as a location for everything I’m doing in journalism.  On May 2, I start a job at the New Jersey Herald in Newton, New Jersey.  I already have probably about 50 clips/articles from the Bullet and Free Lance-Star.  And, at the Herald I will certainly acquire many more, probably about one a day.  I have no central location right now, besides a binder portfolio, that holds my best work.  But, I have no locations for all my work.  I believe that a blog like this could serve as a resume and portfolio of articles.

As well, I could blog about my experiences starting a new job at a newspaper.  I am stepping into an industry right now that is having many challenges and is going through a major shift.  I am lucky to have found a reporter job, but that doesn’t mean that newspapers have rebounded or have figured out a new model for online content.  “500 words or more” could be my way of blogging about and staying updated on new media in journalism.

Since, I plan on making this shift, you may see that my blog will change over the next few weeks.  I will probably select a new style, theme and layout.  I hope I will hear some feedback from people about whether the changes I would be making are appealing to a reader and other journalists.

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