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Russell Gilbert Llantino, known by his stage name D-Pryde, is a 17 year old producer/writer/rap artist. Born in Mississauga, Ontario, the son of Rosalie Llantino and Gilbert Llantino, and is of Spanish and Filipino decent. Three years after his birth, his father walked out, leaving him, his older brother, and his mother alone. Russell never saw his father again when he was growing up, and neither did his older brother. He had moved to Brampton with his mother and brother to pursue a new life. Two years later, as a small child he had been exposed to West Indies music by his step fathe, who had come in his life, not a moment late. As a young child, he became interested in hip-hop, performing and lip singing to artists such as Biggie, 2pac, and Eminem. Around the age of D-Pryde had found the ambition to rap, and was under the name “ Dukke Wonder “ and joining the group “ Young and Fresh “ around 2005, where his first song was released. Within the community, he frequently participated in neighbourhood freestyle battles.

Through he would later struggle with the nature of his small fame, as well as lyrical expectations, D Pryde endured substantial obstacles throughout his young yet remarkably dramatic entrance into the rap game. Before becoming one of the most discussed Asian figures in hip hop, being compared to Asian rappers such as Jin the Emcee, D-Pryde had suffered through hatred and harsh critics which the public eye had given him. Entering the hip hop game, D-Pryde had been exposed to negative messages and comments, which pulled him out of the game for a while. Not knowing what he was putting himself into, he decided to take a break and learn the story behind Hip Hop. Stepping back into the game in the summer of 2007, he is experienced and ready for anything, following his goal to be in the rap industry. Hoping to make it one day.

Today he has his own mix tapes and and doing coversof songs that are out today, but he writes all of his own lyrics and he is amazing. He is with record label called Mars Music Group and he is an independent. With a vast amount of fans and support behind him from other fellow youtubers who have made it and are signed, he has the ability to do the same. Someone needs to sign this kid to a label so that he can make a difference not as a young man but also as an asian and representing his people and showing that no matter who you are you can do what you want as long as you keep on going.

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