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Last Week’s Radio Show

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This entry has nothing to do with copyright. I promise.
So I haven’t written about last week’s radio show. I apologize for this, it’s just been one of those weeks. I’m doing it now though.
As I mentioned on my show I have had some trouble in the past programming female (or lady) artists. We all have blind spots when it comes to what we listen to and for whatever reason, lady singer/songwriters or just female artists in general is a major blind spot for me along with rap and hip-hop. So this past week’s show was an opportunity to try and explore a group of artists I’m not particularly familiar with. In putting together the playlist for the show I knew I absolutely had to include the following artists: Patti Smith and Blondie. While the song I chose for Patti Smith doesn’t really show it, Patti Smith had a huge impact on popular music in the US and really is considered the first punk artist in the US. Again, the song I chose didn’t really show that side, I was really pleased that I finally got to tie in something I did in high school to a part of my college life that means a whole hell of a lot to me. As for Blondie, much like Patti Smith, they were a major influence in the New York post-punk music scene and unlike the Talking Heads, have no connection to an art school. I knew I wanted to include those two because of their importance to musical movements that still influence what I listen to on a regular basis. Everything else, particularly Rickie Lee Jones, were artists I either knew because of my parents or are artists that I listen to all the time. I’m still kind of surprised at how few female artists (who write their own material anyway) I have in my music collection, but as I said, we all have our blind spots. And now for the actual playlist.

  1. Rumour Has It – Adele
  2. Paris – Kate Nash
  3. Oh My God – Ida Maria
  4. Frederick – Patti Smith
  5. French Navy – Camera Obscura
  6. Waltz (Better Than Fine) – Fiona Apple
  7. Chuck E’s in Love – Rickie Lee Jones
  8. Kiss With a Fist – Florence + the Machine
  9. A Smokey Room – Eliza Doolittle
  10. Rocket – Goldfrapp
  11. Sweet Dreams – Eurythmics
  12. Call Me – Blondie
  13. Born Secular – Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins

As heads up this week’s show will consist entirely of last tracks from a variety of albums. And I will write about it before this time next week.

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