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Apocalypse Without a Paddle

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For my mashup assignment, I used scenes from “Apocalypse Now” and the audio to the “Without a Paddle” trailer to make the former into a fun movie about three friends who go on an adventure. I had a few problems making this, mostly because I was having trouble importing the Apocalypse clips into iMovie, but I eventually got things to work using MPEGStreamclip.

Near the end of the project, iMovie started closing out every time I tried to save, so I didn’t get to polish the final product as much as I wanted. At the end of the trailer, I wanted to have Kilgore’s famous line “Charlie don’t surf!”, but every time I tried to add it, the movie clips would get all mixed up, and I didn’t want to ruin the project if I couldn’t save. I like the way it came out, though. The movie ended up providing more material to match the audio than I hoped.

Apocalypse Without a Paddle from Eric Schmieg on Vimeo.

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