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El Mashup

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Not too long ago, my best friend went missing. The story is pretty bad, so I won’t go into specifics. I had a lot of emotions about it, and I used music as a way to express and work through them. This song is new in the sense that I made it specifically for this project. However, I have made other versions for myself in the past.

This song I created is a true story mashup, using a soundbite from the news, and four different songs:

1) Iridescent – Linkin Park (used as piano intro under the soundbite)
2) Look What You’ve Done — Jet
3) It Ends Tonight — All-American Rejects
4) Kristy, Are You Doing Okay? — The Offspring

NOTE: I did the songs chronologically, because I wasn’t comfortable mixing them together at the same time without having the multi-tracks to each song. However, the words tell the story so it flows very well.

Let the music tell the story, names and other details have been muted when necessary in order to protect identity:

Elmashup by twothousandsuns

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