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Final Project — Update

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Hey DS106 mates,

I’m taking some time here to update you guys on my final project status. I would have done this sooner but these past few weeks have been so crazy for me. One of my professors is assigning homework/assignments left and right so much so that I feel like I’m Neo from the Matrix dodging the bullets…no joke. On top of that I became very ill with a fever of 101 and I hadn’t slept for about 5 days straight. I slept GREAT last I’m feeling it…whatever IT is.

So my final project will work like this. It’s going to be an interactive twitter feed story. Users can click on the links in the twitter feed to see other digital stories that I’ve created specifically for this project, using the tools we’ve learned throughout the course. Here’s how I’m going to do it:

1) I’m going to use FireBug to edit a news feed on twitter. I’ll design a story and within the news feed posts I will create users that will share links that provide more information about the story. People should click these links.

2) When users click the links they will be directed to a page that will elaborate on certain details of the story, using the digital storytelling tools (audio, video, photos, etc.) that we learned in this course.

I plan to have this done by Friday, April 22nd!

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